How to become a Memory Athlete


This is the all-in-one preparation to become a memory athlete. You will be coached by the absolute experts in this topic. Learn about all of the relevant memory disciplines done at the most famous memory competitions around the world. With our help you will be prepared for your first memory championship.


What you will learn:

  1. Number disciplines
  2. Binary Number disciplines
  3. Historical Dates discipline
  4. Spoken Numbers discipline
  5. Cards disciplines
  6. Words disciplines
  7. Names disciplines
  8. New unique IAM discipline
  9. Memory League© disciplines
  10. Memo Games© disciplines

What you will get:

  • Ten 60 minutes long sessions
  • Strategies to prepare and compete in the following memory championships:
    • IAM Memory Championships
    • Memory League
    • Memo Games
    • Memoriad
  • Efficient training plan

Requirements for this course:

  • You need to prepare the following memory systems yourself (or take one of our beginner classes):
    • Memory Palace
    • Number System
    • Card System
  • Latest version of Skype installed on your PC, MAC or Tablet (Phone is possible but not recommended)
  • Working microphone (build-in or external)
  • Webcam is optional but recommended
  • Sufficient internet speed (1MBit download and 0.5 MBit upload minimum)
  • Each session must be mutually arranged beforehand
  • Motivation


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