Basic Memory Palace Training


In this course you will learn how to create a memory palace and how to use it to memorize information with it. We will follow the footsteps of the ancient Greeks and Romans and make use of your powerful location memory. With our help you will be able to handle this method skillfully and create the journey of your life.


What you will learn:

  • Associating
  • Chaining
  • Mapping

What you will get:

  • 3 private training sessions
  • Coaching with two memory experts alternately
  • Our useful and beautiful training cards for all covered topics to keep
  • Sophisticated presentations during the sessions
  • Excercise material during all sessions
  • Homework material to train all methods and systems

Requirements for this course:

  • Latest version of Skype installed on your PC, MAC or Tablet (Phone is possible but not recommended)
  • Working microphone (build-in or external)
  • Webcam is optional but recommended
  • Sufficient internet speed (1MBit download and 0.5 MBit upload minimum)
  • Each session must be mutually arranged beforehand
  • Motivation


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