Meet the Memory Champion: Ben Pridmore


Get a Skype-Session with the champion: Ben Pridmore is an Englishman, a 3x World Memory Champion and a legend in memory sports. He has invented several of the most famous memory techniques of all times, like the first 2-card system or the 3-digit Ben System. He was also the first person in the history of memory sports to memorize a deck of 52 cards in less than 30 seconds. Ben has competed at more memory competitions than most other people and is still an active and very popular memory athlete. He organizes his own championships in England.

Languages: English

→ Ben Pridmore's memory achievements

→ Ben Pridmore's champion profile

→ Interview with Ben Pridmore


Thinkkniht offers you the unique opportunity to meet Ben Pridmore, your favorite Memory Champion. You will get a 60 minutes Q&A Skype session with one of the best memory athletes in the world. Ask any memory related question you want or just chat about the latest news in memory sports. This is the first time that so many top memory athletes are united on one page to share their experiences with you. Book a piece of memory coaching history now!

How does it work

After booking we will get in contact with you and arrange a date which fits you and your Champion. For the session, you’ll need the latest version of Skype. Please make sure this is installed properly on your device.


Videos with Ben Pridmore


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