Major System (Visual Code): English 2-Digit System


Welcome to our great collection of beautiful Major System Number List training images. With the Visual Major System you can encode numbers into images and memorize basically everything. The most common version is the 2-digit system, with 100 images altogether. With our set you can save yourself time and effort to create it. It contains nearly 800 digital training images, with a nice selection of alternatives for every number. You will also get a unique set of ten info graphics explaining the code in a beautiful visual way. All files are coming in a pint-ready PDF as well.

Learn more about the Major System Number List in our free tutorial series about the Major System, the Visual Major System Code and the 1-digit Major System List and the 2-digit Major System 100 list.


The Major System Number List

This Major System Number List contains training images for numbers from 00-99. It is build with the more intuituve code-variation called the Visual Major System Code. Each combination comes with different words for a large variety of options for your memory system list. The images are all high resolution JPEGs (1250×1500 pixel). You will also get a print-ready PDF to create physical training cards out them by yourself.

It is ideal for everyone who wants to learn a memory number system. With these images you save yourself a lot of time creating your own list and image set. You can use them to memorize birthdays, phone numbers, credit card numbers and any other kind of number. Or you memorize lists of items for school, university and work by combining it with the chain method or the Method of Loci.

Learn more about the Major System Number List in our free tutorial series about the Major System, the Visual Major System Code and the Major System List. The full set is described in our Major System 100 list article.

Number one option for memory sports

The Major System Number List is often used by memory athletes in memory sports championships all around the world. Particularly western languages using the alphabet are working well with this memory technique. But since it build upon a phonetic code it can be used in each language in theory.

The Classic Major System

If you would rather use the Classic Code for your Major System you can check out our other training images: 1-digit images, 2-digit Images, Classic Code.


  • Nearly 800 images in 1250×1500 pixels JPG files
  • One print-ready PDF including all images of the set
  • 10 Visual Major System Code info graphics in 1920×1080 pixels JPG files
  • One print-ready PDF including all info graphics

The images are packed together in a ZIP file. Please use one of the many free tools, available for MAC (iZIP) and Windows (WinZip or WinRar) to unpack them.

You will find all of the words from the table below in this set:


With this license you can use these images privately and publicly for learning and educational purposes but you are not allowed to multiply or resell them. You are not allowed to change the images or remove the logo. The original copyright remains with the creator.


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