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In our series about using Major System images you are learning to memorize any information you want, like birthdays, phone and credit card numbers, statistics, dates but also lists like the Periodic Table of Elements, US Presidents and even unordered lists like countries and capitals. So far you have learned about what the powerful phonetic Major System is, read about our more intuitive visual Major System Code and got started with our free and beautiful Major System List training images from 0-9. This article is finally dealing with the most common version of this amazing memory technique:  The Major System 100 list with images from 00-99.

Using a 1-digit list with only 10 Major System numbers alone is not very efficient. Each image will repeat over and over again. This is dull and confusing. Instead you should aim for an additional 2-digit Major System 100 list, covering all combinations from 00-99. Here you will have much less repetitions which leads to more interesting stories. Even more importantly you are clustering digits together in one image. That means that in all your memory stories you have to memorize 50% less images compared to a 1-digit system. If you combine them into a Major System 1-100 lists you can also memorize odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 digits etc.


2-digit Major System Numbers

First of all finding the right Major System images for your list is very important. We guide you through all steps of this process. You will save a lot of time by using our preselected list of possible Major System numbers rather then searching them yourself. Furthermore you are learning how to bend the rules, what makes a good image and finally how to avoid common pitfalls. At the end of this article you will get our free 1-digit training set with 50 images as well as our premium 2-digit sets.

We start with our grand Major System 1-100 word collection. Here you will find most of the useful combinations to create an image with. It contains many concrete nouns but also plenty abstract words as well as some adjectives and verbs. The table contains both the classic and the visual Major System 100 list. At the end of it you also find the 1-digit list. And additionally you can switch to other languages with the tabs below this table. We started with German and eventually add more over time.

You can fly over the list now but don’t start picking your images yet. They are not ordered by any preference.


Short Major System images

The easiest words you can pick for your Major System 1-100 list start with the first code-letter, followed by one or two vowels and end with the second code-letter. These words are very easy to memorize and require much less practice. Easy Major System images are also concrete nouns over abstract ones. And finally using the main letters before the phonetic siblings helps to remember the word much faster (like T before D, which both are associated with the number 1). This on the other hand makes only sense when the two siblings are slightly different in pronunciation. In the case of K and hard C it doesn’t make a difference because they sound exactly the same.

But be careful: Never pick your images just because they are easy to learn. Instead make sure that they make memorable stories and are as distinguishable to each other as possible. And remember to feel comfortable about them as well. Let’s have a look now at some great and easy combinations (all examples in this article are following the classic Major System numbers and not our visual alternative):


Longer Major System Images

Another pool of easy words for your Major System 1 to 100 list have further letters after the second encoded consonant. They are nearly as easy as the previous group and produce many more options to pick from. This one and the previous group create the majority of Major System images to pick from. But read on to find out more about the rather strange alternatives and thus finding just the right combination for your list.


Using the Phonetic siblings

The next level of difficulty are all the words which are as straight forward as the two previous groups but instead of using the main letter of each phonetic group they use their alternatives. This is a very powerful possibility and is also one of the reasons why the Major System 100 list is so great. They are still relatively easy to remember by playing around with the sounds, although require already a bit of trial and error when using for the first time.


Silent consonants

Since we will need as many options to choose from as possible, we are now entering the more peculiar area of your Major System 1-100 list. Therefore we are starting to use more complicated words rather than relying only on the easy combinations. The first group of the less intuitive ones is still relatively easy to remember. Using silent consonants works great with the phonetic code since you don’t hear them. On the other hand you will probably think about the letters which consequently might be a bit odd in the beginning.


Abstract Words

Previously we have just used concrete nouns for our Major System images. As a consequence all words were easy to imagine. But as a matter of fact we can do much more. A great extra pool of words are abstract nouns, adjectives and verbs. While verbs are on the easier side of the abstract group, abstract nouns and adjectives however require usually a replacement image. Combinations like these are not very popular but can bring an entertaining addition to your Major System 1 to 100 list.


Bending the code

The Major System numbers associations are usually just using 16 letters of the alphabet plus a few letter pairs. Some unused letter combinations though sound similar enough like our encoded phonetic groups. Particularly in English there are many words that don’t sound like they are spelled. They are easy to remember due to their phonetics but confusing when you concentrate on their spelling. On another matter we can also use Q for the K,G and hard C group, since it has a similar pronunciation. And finally we can use odd letter combinations like TCH, where the T is not silent but merges with the CH sound. This will add some great Major System images to our growing collection


Begin with the code letters

Up until here all options for our Major System images have been still rather easy to find by playing around with the phonetics. Beginning the words with both code letters is much more difficult to remember and therefore contains much less popular choices. But often enough you are desperately looking for an alternative, because the other options are too similar to what you have already picked. Hence they are still valuable in the great picture of your Major System 100 list.


Start with other letters

By beginning the words with unencoded lettters we are adding a huge pool of great images to the roster for our Major System 1-100 list. They are notably more diffuclt to reproduce and will require multiple repetitions before they are memorized. However, since some of the Major System numbers are very limited in their options, you will thus be grateful for the fresh new batch of possibilities to fill your Major System 1 to 100.


The last resort

Our final group is in all honesty the last resort for your Major System 100 list: We are combing all previous more difficult approaches and as a result get the most difficult Major System images to recreate. But even so, in the end this doesn’t really matter since once they are internalized they will be equal to your other Major System numbers. They might even be better being that you clearly invested more time and repetititions to memorize them which probably led to stronger connections in your brain.

Avoid similar Major System Images

Besides presenting the different options to find the widest range of possible words for your Major Systen 1-100 list you should lastly avoid the common mistake of using too similar images. It might be tempting and is indeed possible to master when you concentrate on their differences. Nonetheless this will probably lead to confusion and wrongly remembered stories when you don’t handle them skilfully.

Finalizing your Major System 1 to 100

Considering all of the above you are ready to start picking your personal favourites from our Major System 1-100 collection. But creating a selection alone is not enough. You must practice them in order to internalize them and to have them available when you need them. With only 10 minutes a day you can get quite fast within two weeks. Some people learn it much faster while others struggle a bit more. Ultimately you will read any 2-digit number like you read a word with letters. The numbers and the words merge together and create a strong engram in your brain. The good news is that you can always replace any of your Major System 1 to 100 images. It will be much easier to learn a new one by connecting it with a story to your previous one. Then you can remember those replacements right away.

For very ambitios mnemonists there is always the option to go even higher to a 3-digit system with 1000 Major System numbers. This is very common in memory sports competitions because it encodes more information in each image. A few memory champions like Simon Reinhard are even using a 4-digit system with 10.000 Major System images. Creating these large systems will be tricky with Major System numbers. Not every combination of digits is forming a useful word. By bending the rules and applying some imagination it is still possible to achieve. For a beginner this usually sounds like a colossal task. But memorizing a Major System list of 1000 images can be done in a week with prior experience. In any way, you should start with a Major System 1-100 first. It is a great training and as an additional list always useful.

Free Download

To get you started you can download our 1-digit Major System images for free – both classic and visual code with each 50 images. They come in a high resolution JPEG (1250x1500 pixel), packed into a ZIP folder. Just drop your email address below and subscribe to our newsletter – your download will be available right afterwards.

You want more?

Major System 00-99 Training Decks

We offer the ultimate training decks for the Major System images from 00-99 in both the classic and visual code. Both decks have been upgraded to nearly 800 images each! You will find all words from our grand Major System collection table above including all the examples used in this article. Each set comes with high definition JPEGs as well as PDFs for easy print. Get it now and start memorizing today. It was never easier!

By the way: the visual deck is also available in German.

Major System Classic 2-digit

Nearly 800 Training Images

Major System Visual 2-digit

Nearly 800 Training Images


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