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We spend our whole lifes learning. For school, university and later for work, to raise our children or to use our gadgets and software. Learning always involves your memory and to allow your memory to achieve its full potential requires specific techniques. With THINKKNIHT you can call upon the expertise garnered from over a decade of using memory techniques at the highest level.


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We have participated in the top level memory championships, won the greatest titles, broken the craziest records and developed the most sophisticated memory techniques. We have made others memory champions and helped hundreds of people to develop their potential. We are confident that we can help you find the answers to all your memory questions.

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Florian Dellé

Florian Dellé

Memory Coach

Florian is a multiple memory champion coach, with over a decade of experience. He was the first memory sports journalist and founder of He invented the Memo Games Championship, organizes the annual US Memory Open and is an international memory sports arbiter.

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