Memory Palace Training for beginners

Create the journey of your life
Learn the Ancient Technique of the memory Palace

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What you learn

Make the world your palace

With the Memory Palace, also known as the Method of Loci or Journey Method, you can literally make the entire world your memory system. Whether it is your house, your school or your last holiday in the Caribbean – you will not just perfectly remember all of its places, you will make it the foundation for new things you would like to memorize.

memory palace

Become a storyteller

You will learn with our help to create memorable stories and associations, to store any kind of given information on your Memory Palace. You don’t need any experience with creative story telling – using this technique will boost your creativity and allow you to access your memory like never before. This is the foundation for many other memory systems. And it is a lot of fun!

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Florian Dellé

Florian Dellé

Memory Coach

Florian is a multiple memory champion coach, with over a decade of experience. He was the first memory sports journalist and founder of He invented the Memo Games Championship, organizes the annual US Memory Open and is an international memory sports arbiter.

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