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Your goals are nothing less than to become a memory champion? Learn from the best and make this dream come true. We are the experts you are looking for. Johannes Mallow has won the World Memory Championships in 2012, dominated the world rankings up until 2016 and is a multiple world record holder. Florian Dellé is a multiple champion coach, international arbiter and organizer of events like the US Memory Open and the Memo Games. We have done it before and we can do it again.

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This course is only meant for the most ambitious memory athletes. It does not matter where you are with your training right now – beginner, advanced or expert – we will guide you to the very top. We know all events, all disciplines, all champions and tricks. We invented techniques that broke world records, we created methods to overcome plateaus, to practice soft and hardcore and to achieve what others never achieved before. And you will be our premium memory coaching student.

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Florian Dellé

Florian Dellé

Memory Coach

Florian is a multiple memory champion coach, with over a decade of experience. He was the first memory sports journalist and founder of He invented the Memo Games Championship, organizes the annual US Memory Open and is an international memory sports arbiter.

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