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What you learn


The power of associations will assist you in all your encounters with memory techniques. It is the foundation for connecting any new information with what you have already learned. This is the most creative roller coaster you have ever boarded.


This simple but powerful method will allow you to jump right into action and learn basically anything without much preparation. It is a beautiful and fun way to memorize related content and create fun and entertaining stories out of it to improve your memory.

Spaced Repetition

Memory techniques will quickly install information in your long term memory. But to make sure it stays there you need a long term learning strategy. Spaced repetition allows you to manage thousands of things with the least effort. We will show you how it’s done!

Memory Palace

The most famous of all memory techniques. Going back to ancient Rome and Greece – and maybe beyond. Master map your favourite places in the world and make them the foundation for whatever you would like to remember forever.

Major System

One of the most elegant memory systems ever created is this phonetic based number system. Never forget a number anymore! It is also ideal for large ordered lists of information and can be used similarly to your memory palace. With us you will learn the most intuitive version of it ever created!


You either are one of the the few who are good with names or your are one of the silent majority who struggle with every sinlge new name. Either way, with our help you will be able to juggle names with confidence like never before and impress your surroundings with this marvelous new social skill.


One of the most difficult things for SAT preparations or students of new languages are the thousands of new words you need to memorize. With us this will be history! Start having fun learning new words by discovering the beauty of using memory techniques for vocabulary.

Speeches & Conversations

Using the power of memory techniques for speeches and conversations is the driving force behind the Memory Palace and other classic methods. Learn how to master rethoric by having your speeches and presentations always available from memory and never forget an argument again.

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Florian Dellé

Florian Dellé

Memory Coach

Florian is a multiple memory champion coach, with over a decade of experience. He was the first memory sports journalist and founder of He invented the Memo Games Championship, organizes the annual US Memory Open and is an international memory sports arbiter.

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