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Major System List 00-99

Create your first Major System 100 list with images from 00-99. With our grand collection, our detailed guidance and our training images, you can learn it 10x faster and have more fun at the same time.

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Major System List 0-9

Finding the right images for your Major System List has never been easier. With our beautiful training images you can create your personal list in no time. We provide you with a free collection of 50 images for a 1-digt Major System – Classic and Visual code.

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Major System Visual Code

The Visual Major System Code is an alternative to the popular original with only visual associations for the code but still with the same phonetic groups. Learn more about our system and get our free training cards.

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Method of Loci

The Method of Loci memory system is helping you to memorize many things, like lists of words, numbers, speeches and much more. Elevate your memory today.

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The Body List Memory Technique

The Body List is one of the easiest and fastest memory technique. It provides you with a similar system to the popular Memory Palace or Method of Loci. Everyone can learn it in a few minutes, even small children.

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